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Your Unique Success Metrics


And How to Track Them!

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What is a successful podcast?

Is it one that:

  • Generates lots of content for different areas of your business?
  • Helps you connect with other professionals in your space?
  • Creates a deeper relationship with you clients and new leads?
  • Is directly profitable?
  • Gets you new opportunities for speaking?
  • All of the above?
  • None?

What makes another company's podcast successful might not make a difference to yours, and what is considered an industry best practice for someone else may have no relevance to you. What makes a podcast successful for your business depends on exactly one thing: your business. 

    If you register for the Unique Success Metrics Webinar, we'll invite you to the first conference networking event – for free! This speed-networking event will take place Monday November 13th at 5pm EST.

    So to make your own company's podcast successful, you need to determine exactly what success means within your business, and the specific ways that a podcast can help you achieve those success. That will help you determine what to track to see if you're on the right path.

    Every podcast, and every business, is different, so on this free training webinar during the run-up to the Podcasting for Business Conference, we'll be looking at the different kinds of business benefits and podcast can help you achieve, what specific metrics will tell you if you're making the right choices, and how to use the Business Podcast Blueprints as a strategic filter to help you invest your time, money and energy as wisely as possible.

    Megan Dougherty

    Co-founder of One Stone Creative Inc, and founder of the Podcasting for Business Conference

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    This is an exclusive free training we're offering as part of the leadup to the Podcasting for Business Conference! This is content One Stone Creative has developed over years of producing profitable and efficient podcasts for companies, that will help you save time, improve your relationships and stop leaving money on the table!