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Podcasting for Business Conference

Presentation Schedule


November 16 – 18, '22

All Virtual. All Recorded.

Day 1

9:30-10:15 Eastern Hosting a Company Podcast That Drives Value and Grows Your Business with Alex Sanfilippo

10:30-11:15 Eastern: 3 Completely Different (And Highly Valuable) Strategies to Leverage a Company Podcast for New Business with Alastair McDermott

11:30-12:15 Eastern: Effective Ways to Improve Your Shownotes for Discoverability with Danielle Desir Corbett

12:15 – 1:00pm Lunch Break

1:00-1:45 Eastern: Increasing Accessibility for your Company Podcast (and other content!) with DeeJae Durante

2:00-2:45 Eastern: Nurturing your Clients and Community with Podcasts with Stephanie Feger

3:00-3:45 Eastern: 2 Sides of Podcast Newsletters: Why You Need One and How to Get Featured on Others with Arielle Nissenblatt

4:30-5:15 Eastern: Zoom Networking

Day 2

9:30-10:15 Eastern: Urgent vs Important: Changing your Podcast Marketing Mindset with Jeremy Enns

10:30-11:15 Eastern: Creating a Look and Feel for your Podcast Assets that Gets Attention with Sabrina Chevannes

11:30-12:15 Eastern:  3 Ways to Leverage Podcast Guesting to Grow your Business with Angie Trueblood

12:15 – 1:00pm Lunch Break

1:00-1:45 Eastern: How to Create a Killer Brand for Your Podcast and Standing Out in a Crowded Marketplace with Fatima Zaidi

2:00-2:45 Eastern: Finding YOUR Podcast Voice with Casey Erin Clark and Julie Fogh

3:00-3:45 Eastern: Making Your Podcast Recordings Sound Good from Anywhere with Cristina Marcello

4:30-5:15 Eastern: Zoom Networking

Day 3

9:30-10:15 Eastern Deep Dive into the 2022 State of Business Podcasting Report with Megan Dougherty and Tom Fox

11:30-12:45 Eastern: Planning an Effective Podcast According to the Latest Data with Megan Dougherty 

12:45 – 2:00pm Lunch Break

2:00-3:15 Eastern: Optimizing and Refining an Existing Podcast according to the Latest Data with Megan Dougherty

4:30-5:15 Eastern: Zoom Networking

Become a Partner

Would you like to get involved and earn a generous commission? We are looking for partners who can help us spread the word about the conference and our awesome speakers. If your community is curious about podcasting, or is podacsting already, you can send them out way to learn from our lineup of experts and connect with the broader community of attendees. Click the link below for all of the details!