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Podcasting for Business Conference


November 13 – 15, '23

All Virtual. All Recorded.

A podcast for an existing business has different needs, and different opportunities than one made for passion, or as a business itself.

The Podcasting For Business Conference came about when Megan Dougherty and Audra Casino of One Stone Creative Inc where hanging out with Tom Fox, The Compliance Evangelist at the always-excellent Podfest. They got to talking about how podcasting conferences can make a huge difference for creators at different stages of their journey – but for people who are running podcasts as only a small portion of what they have to do for their businesses or companies, and who need to make their shows measurably valuable on a timeline, a multi-day, in-person event isn't always in the cards.

Check out our amazing speakers, the schedule of events, and sign up for the free pre-conference event Your Unique Success Metrics and How to Track Them!

We decided to hold an event that would be all virtual, and all recorded and all about the specific realities of podcasting in support of an existing business to help people creating shows as part of the job get the networking, insights and information they need to help them create shows that make a difference in their companies.

2022 brought together a fantastic line-up of speakers and participants who are experts in how professionals can leverage their podcasts for profit, relationships, content and more.

In 2023, we're looking to continue the trend of excellence, with high-caliber, action oriented presentations, and valuable networking opportunities for people podcast as part of the job. You can expect to learn from yet more industry experts, attend workshops to level up your skills, and connect with other companies who see the value in podcasting for their businesses.

Megan Dougherty is the co-founder of One Stone Creative Inc, a podcast production agency that specializes in creating podcasts that support existing businesses. Some of their shows include 2 Pages with MBS, Free Time with Jenny Blake, Unlearn with Barry O'Reilly and Spin Sucks with Ginie Dietrich. She has a background in digitial education and business development. She has been running One Stone Creative with Audra Casino since 2017. When she isn't helping to produce podcasts or run virtual events, she is hanging out with her backyard chickens, and watching disaster movies.

Get the strategies, the tactics and the answers to your questions about podcasting at the Podcasting for Business Conference 2023.

Become a Partner

Would you like to get involved and earn a generous commission? We are looking for partners who can help us spread the word about the conference and our awesome speakers. If your community is curious about podcasting, or is podcasting already, you can send them our way to learn from our lineup of experts and connect with the broader community of attendees. Click the link below for all of the details!