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Podcasting for Business Conference


November 13-15th, '24

All Virtual. All Recorded.

A conference for when podcasting
is just part of the job.

Podcasting for your business is a little bit different than podcasting as a passion project, or even as a business in and of itself. Businesses and business owners have specific needs for their content marketing – a company podcast is one of the many, many things an entrepreneur or marketing manager works on every week.

That means they need to be efficient, and they need to be effective.

But a lot of the content out there, while highly valuable, doesn’t take into account the unique needs and opportunities of a company show.

The Podcasting for Business Virtual Conference is an event bringing together experts from across the podcast and content marketing industries to provide training and support to people podcasting as part of their work.


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2023  Speakers and Presentations

Last year we had the chance to learn from some amazing experts! 



Creating Love Brands: A Deep Dive Into 5 Winning Podcast Strategies

Jennifer Han

Look at Every Podcast Episode
as a Joint Venture

Atiba de Souza

Private Podcast Feeds: 3 Creative Ways to Enhance Your Business and Serve Your Community

Jenny Blake

Grow Your Sales and Downloads Leveraging Other People's Podcasts

Tom Schwab

Communicating and Collaborating Easily with Your Production Team

Kam Lal

How Guest Selection
Makes all the Difference

Mary Ann Faremouth

New in 2024: Ask the Expert Sessions!

Do you have specific questions about Podcast SEO, Using AI for your Podcast or Creating Video Podcasts? Join our subject-matter experts for 45 minutes of Live Q and A. Get exactly the information you need to move forward!

Ask The Expert: AI for Podcasters

Larry Roberts

Ask The Expert: Podcast SEO

Danielle Desir Corbett

Ask the Expert: Video Podcasts

Maribel Quezada Smith

How to Turn Your Brand into Audio from the Tone to the Graphics

Michelle Khouri

Read the Book, Send the Questions: Transfering Knowledge from Experts to Everyone

Liz Covart

Your Podcast Needs To Be Seen as Well As Heard

Rebecca Wookey

Regional Podcast Networks
– A New Model

Tom Fox

Data-Driven Growth Strategies to Fast-Track Podcasting Success

Alex Sanfilippo

The Power of User-Testing
Your Podcast

Andrea Marquez

How to Exponentially Grow Your Podcast with Facebook Ads

Stacy Reed

3 Puzzles Every Business Must Solve
to Maximize Podcast ROI

Jeremy Enns

Creating a Professional Looking Recording Setup from Anywhere

Junaid Ahmed

Deep Dive Workshops

Are you ready to start making profitable changes to your podcast success measurement, production and strategy? Then join us for 3 deep-dive skill building workshops using the very lastest in data and technology to work as efficiently as possible – and know that you're on the right track.

Changing the Conversation about Podcast Reach for Businesses

Tom Fox 

Audio Quick Fixes and Troubleshooting

Audra Casino

The 2023 State of Business Podcast Report – What it Means for Your Show

Megan Dougherty

Free Training Webinar

  To get things rolling for the Podcasting For Business Conference, we're holding a workshop on November 7th called Your Unique Success Metrics - And How to Track Them. Knowing what success really means for your show, and being able to measure whether or not you're getting it is a game changer for podcasters, and it can improve your experience of the conference as well! When you know exactly what success will mean for your podcast, you can focus on developing the skills and relationships you need to make it happen.

This workshop will be hosted by Megan Dougherty of One Stone Creative Inc. and will be available via recording if you are unable to attend live.

Register for free and get instant access using the form below!

Your Unique Success Metrics and How to Track Them