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Larry Roberts

Entrepreneur, Podcasting Software Founder and Podcast Host

Ask The Expert:
Generative AI for Podcasters

Speaking Wednesday November 15th @ 1:00PM EST.

About Larry Roberts

After burning out in the corporate world, Red Hat Media founder Larry Roberts took a dive into a new realm of opportunities.

His goal was simple: to find excitement in what he was doing every day. He found it in droves.

Since 2014, Larry has been making himself a household name within the podcasting industry, speaking on stages of national and global trade events including Podfest Multimedia Expo and Podcast Movement, hosting shows that reached the top 1.5% of podcasts, and being named to Podcast Magazine’s 40 Over 40 in Podcasting.

With technology and media changing faster than many can hit play, Larry and his team have committed themselves to staying at the forefront of the industry. Larry is aptly seen as a thought leader in the AI space, teaching workshops and hosting speaking engagements to help creators utilize new technology, and will continue to push business owners out of their comfort zone and into a chapter of innovation and growth.

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Ask the Expert: Generative AI

How can company podcasters use AI to speed up, improve and expand their work? What are the best tools? What mistakes should we avoid? How much editing will you really need to do? Larry Roberts is a sought-after AI expert, and will be ready to answer any questions about the newest technology that you have.

Wednesday November 15th at 1:00am EST.