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Rebecca Wookey

Podcast Video Editor and Social Media Manager for LuAnna: The Podcast

Podcasts Need to Be Seen as Well as Heard

Speaking Wednesday November 15th @ 3:00PM EST.

About Rebecca Wookey

Rebecca is a passionate freelance content producer and social media specialist. She produces high-level, engaging content across social media, website and advertisements to breathe life into your digital brand and to make sure your voice is heard in such a heavily saturated market. Her passion stems from a genuine love for creating digital content and building strong identities online, as well as supporting businesses in achieving their lifetime goals.

Connect with Rebecca:

Rebecca Wookey

Instagram: @becckkwookey, @everythingluanna





Podcasts Need to Be Seen as Well as Heard

– Why you should be filming your podcast
– How to create the best social teasers that get people talking
– Grow your audience from the power of TikTok

Wednesday November 15th at 3:00pm EST.