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Podcasting for Business Conference


Partnership Information

November 13-15, '23

All Virtual. All Recorded.

Business owners, entrepreneurs, marketing managers, professional services providers and startups are all interested in podcasting.

But most of the information and training out there is designed for people who are podcasting for passion, or who are podcasting with the intent of making their show a business in and of itself. These fantastic opportunities to learn and network with each other, but a marketing manager handling 4 content channels can't often devote multiple days, flights and hotel rooms to developing just a part of their content marketing mix. So we want to make it easy and accessible for ‘company podcasters' to get the information, training, insight and professional connections they need to make their show a success.

The podcasting For Business Conference is aiming to change that.

And we'd like you to be a part of it! If there are members of your community you know are running podcasts as part of how they grow and market their businesses, we'd love you to share the details of the conference with them – and we're delighted to pay a 30% commission on any ticket sales you generate.

Here are the ticketing and pre-conference event details we'll be promoting.

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