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Tom Fox

Creator of the Compliance Podcast Network and the Texas Hill Country Network

Regional Podcast Networks – A New Model

Speaking Monday November 13th @ 3:00PM EST.

About Tom Fox

Tom Fox, founder of the Compliance Podcast Network. Over the past 15 years, he has been a General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer. He is now an Independent Consultant, assisting companies with anti-corruption, anti-bribery compliance, and international transaction issues. He specializes in bringing business solutions to compliance problems. Tom is the author of the award-winning FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog and the international best-selling book “Lessons Learned on Compliance and Ethics.” His podcasts have won numerous w3, Davey, Communicator, and Webby awards for podcasting excellence.

He is the author of the seminal text The Compliance Handbook, now in its 3rd edition published by LexisNexis. In addition to his blog and podcast, he is a columnist for Corporate Compliance Insights and a Contributing Editor to the FCPA Blog. He is a well-known and frequent speaker on compliance and ethics issues, social media use, and corporate leadership. Tom is both the Voice of Compliance and Compliance Evangelist.

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The Compliance Podcast Network



Regional Podcast Networks – A New Model

1. What is a Regional Podcast Network?
2. What Can a Regional Podcast Network Offer?
3. How to Market a Regional Podcast Network.
4. How to Go Niche and Go Big Regionally.

Monday November 13th at 3:00pm EST.