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Jeremy Enns

Founder of the Podcast Marketing Academy


Jeremy Enns is the founder of Podcast Marketing Academy, the only growth-focused podcast education platform for experienced creators, brands, and marketers looking to build long-term, sustainable audience growth systems.

He loves any sport that involves a frisbee, used to co-host an explicit-rated ice cream podcast, once bicycled across Europe, and will always look back on the day he finally saved up enough money to buy the Millennium Falcon Lego set as one of his proudest achievements.

Attend live:

Urgent vs Important: Changing your Podcast Marketing Mindset

Do you ever feel like you're spinning your wheels promoting your podcast, always busy but never seeing the kind of growth or traction you (and your leadership team!) are waiting for? It might be because you're spending a lot of time on marketing activities that feel critical to growth, but really aren't contributing to it. Not all podcast promotions are created equal, and if you're working on maintenance activities instead of growth ones, that can explain why you're not seeing the results you need. Jeremy Enns is going to be breaking down the different types of marketing tasks, growth and maintenance, and diggin into how you should prioritize your time between them to meet the goals and objectives that matter the most to your business.

9AM EST, Thursday November 17th.

“Why isn't my show growing?” Often it's because we're misattributing the action we're taking as being about growth, when it's really about maintenance, so we don't get the result we're hoping for. When we can get clarity on what tasks serve what purpose is when we start to convert listeners into customers.” – Jeremy Enns