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Jeremy Enns

Founder of the Podcast Marketing Academy

3 Puzzles Every Business Must Solve to Maximize Podcast ROI

Speaking Tuesday November 14th @ 9:30AM EST.

About Jeremy Enns

Jeremy Enns is the founder of Podcast Marketing Academy where he teaches brands and creators hit their next growth milestones with detailed step-by-step marketing playbooks.

He also writes the Scrappy Podcasting Newsletter where he shares short actionable ideas around how underdog shows can punch above their weight, and the Creative Wayfinding Newsletter where he explores how we as creators can navigate the wilderness between us and our creative potential.

He’s originally from the cold, barren Canadian Prairies but has been traveling full-time for the past 6 years.

3 Puzzles Every Business Must Solve to Maximize Podcast ROI

Every show—and every business—is different. But when it comes to maximizing the ROI on the time, effort and money you pour into your show, every business needs to solve the same 3 problems. In this talk, we’ll break down what those three problems are, and map out the systems and frameworks you can install to overcome them.

Tuesday November 14th at 9:30am EST.