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Alex Sanfilippo

PodPros (PodMatch + PodcastSOP + PodLottery)


Alex Sanfilippo is the host of the top-rated podcast called Podcasting Made Simple. He is also the founder of, a software company focused specifically on the podcasting industry. Alex and his team have created popular services like PodMatch, a service that matches podcast guests and hosts together for interviews, and PodcastSOP, a project management tool that helps podcasters keep up with their episode releases. Alex is also the co-author of the recently released Podmatch Host Mastery and Podmatch Guest Mastery.

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Hosting a Company Podcast That Drives Value and Grows Your Business

Creating a podcast for your business that drives leads/interest in your business while also adding value for the listener can be a daunting task. In order to ensure you're generating leads/interest in your business, it requires consistent evaluation of show success, setting up effective workflows, and focusing on continuous growth of influence within your business's niche. In order to ensure that you're adding value to listeners, it's about making sure you're coming from a place of value, not profit and continuously showing up from a place of service.

9:30AM Eastern, Wednesday November 16th

“I'm passionate about podcasting as a company myself, because that's what we do. And I believe that a lot of people, they immediately disconnect the two by mistake. It's like: Here's my business. And then here's my podcast.

And they kind of create this friction between the two, but I find that there's a way to do it where it's fluid and they work really well together. They compliment each other back and forth. So the business pushes people to podcast, the podcast, pushes the business and they become one entity that serves.” – Alex Sanfilippo