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Podcasting for Business Conference


Speaker Tech Recommendations

We asked our 18 expert speakers what tools and technology they recommend to help them create valuable shows that integrate into their businesses – here are some of the most popular recommendations. (None of these are affiliate links!)

Email Marketing Software. 
“The easiest way to tag and organize subscribers and get them the right content.” – Megan Dougherty

Audio Editing Platform.

“For my podcast I love tools like Hindenberg for my audio editing.” – Deirdre Tshien

Podcast Recording Platform. 

“I really enjoy Squadcast for recording. I just find it kind of rolling out the red carpet for a guest, so it makes it really simple.” – Alex Sanfilippo

Podacst Recording Platform. 
“Riverside is a really great mimic to being in studio. It sounds like you're in studio.” – Fatima Zaidi

Podcast Transcription and Editing platform. 

“I tok the plunge into Descript about 3 months ago. As an editing tool, several people told me it would change my life, and it did, for the better.” – Tom Fox

Project Management Software. 

“I think the tool I love the most is Notion because f just how customizable it is and how I can form it into my workflows.”
– Desmond Dixon

Livestreaming Platform

“I love Restream becaus you can really pair with other channels and you can get a wider audence.” – DeeJae DuRante

Grpahic Design Software

“And then when we're promoing the show, it's on social, so I'm using apps like Canva to make graphics.” – Angie Trueblood

Podcast Host

“I love utilizing Buzzsprout – that is the platform I use to host my platform.” – Stephanie Feger

Community Management Platform

“I use circle for my community management, and they're just rolling out a new course feature.” – Jeremy Enns

Keyword Research Tool

“I use Key Search for figuring out what are the key terms and keyowrds that people use.” – Danielle Desir Corbett

Podcast Networking Platform

“I love Rephonic, it's an increible search engine when you're thinking about who to be collaborating with for your podcast.”
– Arielle Nissenblatt

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Free Training Webinar

  To get things rolling for the Podcasting For Business Conference, we're holding a workshop on November 7th called Your Unique Success Metrics - And How to Track Them. Knowing what success really means for your show, and being able to measure whether or not you're getting it is a game changer for podcasters, and it can improve your experience of the conference as well! When you know exactly what success will mean for your podcast, you can focus ondeveloping he skills and relationships you need to make it happen.

This workshop will be hosted by Megan Dougherty of One Stone Creative Inc. and will be available via recording if you are unable to attend live.

Register for free and get instant access using the form below!

Your Unique Success Metrics and How to Track Them

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Would you like to get involved and earn a generous commission? We are looking for partners who can help us spread the word about the conference and our awesome speakers. If your community is curious about podcasting, or is podacsting already, you can send them out way to learn from our lineup of experts and connect with the broader community of attendees. Click the link below for all of the details!