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Sabrina Chevannes

Founder of Complex Creative and the No Bullsh*t Agency


Sabrina Chevannes, founder of We are Complex Creative and the No Bullsh*t Agency, and host of the No Bullsh*t Talks podcast is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who loves being involved in her community and industry.  The No Bullsh*it agency helps businesses with their branding, design, website and digital marketing needs. Working with household named brands such as FitBit, UNICEF, Pirelli and the Ministry of Defence, we have a huge range in experience with large organisations.When not helping companies and brands look and feel spectacular she is involved in many community-based projets, like:

  • Complex Creative Pro-Bono Scheme
  • Mentoring at the Chartered Institute of Marketing
  • Digital Day for BIMA
  • Taking the Million Tree Pledge
  • Teaching at Birmingham City University
  • Cancer Research UK Challenge


Sabrina Chevannes

Complex Creative

Attend live:

Creating a Look and Feel for your Podcast Assets that Gets Attention

Podcasting effectively for a business means bringing a whole lot of different skills to the table. Having great conversations isn't enough Рyou also need to create a visual look and feel that communicates your message and your value  Рacross a variety of different assets and platforms. Sabrina will be talking about how to create that look and feel so your podcast (and company) gets the attention it deserves.

10:30AM Eastern, Thursday November 17th.

“I love having a podcast because I bring on a different guest every single week and it gives me the opportunity to reach out to people that I admire, that I would normally be too afraid to talk to.

I have an excuse to reach out to them, and I'm not selling them anything. In fact, it's the opposite: I'm giving them free PR. So it's a great opportunity to reach out to people that you wouldn't normally speak to, but you'd love to. ” – Sabrina Chevannes