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Maribel Quezada Smith

Founder of Diferente Creative and Co-Founder of the BIPOC Podcast Creators


Maribel is a bilingual video and podcast producer, as well as a host and speaker, with over 16 years of expertise developing meaningful content.

Her TV credits include producing on shows for the Discovery family of networks, Netflix, Oxygen and A&E (among others).

She's currently a Producer and Co-host of the popular Pulso podcast.

Maribel is the Co-founder of BIPOC Podcast Creators, an organization devoted to amplifying the voices and stories of people of color. She regularly shares her expertise on topics like this around global stages.

Today, she helps entrepreneurs, startups and growing brands build deeper connections with their ideal customers through meaningful video and audio content.


Maribel Quezada Smith

BIPOC Podcast Creators

Exclusive On-Demand:

Video Strategy for Podcasters

Video podcasts are getting more popular – and YouTube as a totally different content channel isn't going anywhere. Join Maribel Quezada Smith in an exclusive interview about how she used video as part of a strategy that resulted in tripling her business over the course f a year. 

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“When they see you and they keep seeing you, and they keep hearing you say things that are, validating and informative and interesting, then you stay in their minds and they think of you whenever things come up and whenever opportunities are available.”

-Maribel Quezada Smith