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Karl Sona

Co-founder and Head of Partnerships at Streamlined Podcasts


Karl Sona is co-founder and head of partnerships at Streamlined Podcasts where he is passionate about helping business owners create better connections with their clients online. He also hosts the Dear BLK CEO Podcast focused on highlighting under-represented business owners and helping them scale their companies by getting access to corporate contracts.


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Exclusive On Demand:

How to Create a Content Engine that Keeps You Consistent Without Taking Up All Your Time

Podcasting is an efficient way to generate a huge amount of high value content for your business – but you can't just create one and hope people will find it and take the next step into becoming a client or comunity member. You need to break your episodes down and communicate different elements in different ways to provide people enough information (and curiosity) to listen to your episodes and engage more from there. In this on-demand presentation, Karl Sona is going to talk about building an efficient machine that keeps your pipeline full of fresh, organic content that works – without you having to spend every working moment on it. 

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“Content doesn't need to be this overly laborious chore that I feel like so many folks that are trying to enhance their brand and their visibility online feel like it is. I'm also excited to help people understand that there's a very unique way to help them really present themselves as who they truly are.”  -Karl Sona