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Desmond Dixon

Founder of Remote Sales Manager and Host of the Campfire Capitalism Podcast.


Desmond started his career as a chemical engineer and quickly realized he did not experience being fulfilled in this line of work. Instead, he decided to follow his dream of being in sales, even though he had zero experience and failed at his first door to door sales job. Desmond didn’t give up on his sales career and ultimately closing millions of dollars in revenue. Desmond now trains and leads sales teams for small businesses who want to go from 6 figures and get to 7 figures in sales. Desmond is traveling the world right now and building a 8 figure sales agency and has started his podcast, Campfire Capitalism, to connect the dots between sales growth, stages of business and new tech that can support other entrepreneurs like himself. He enjoys rifting on topics such as: NFT’s, real estate investing, day trading and business development.

P.S He is hiring and training high ticket closers.


Remote Sales Manager

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Exclusive On-Demand:

Guest Obsession: The Secret to Building Relationships with Guests

The relationships you build as a result of your pdcast can be the biggest driver of business and opportunties for your company. That means making sure your guests have an excellenet experience, and you're able to bring them the maximum amount of value is critical. In this interview, Desmond Dixon will be explaining exactly how to do it.

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“Guests can open up doors to your business in ways that you really can imagine because they not only can be potential clients, but they can even introduce you to potential clients as well as give you exposure to their audience, which is why we need to give them as much value as possible and make their experience amazing when they deal with us on the pod.”

-Desmond Dixon