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DeeJae DuRante

Livestream Strategist, Social Mentor and Advocate


DeeJae has spent over 20 years working in social services with diverse populations focused on mental health, disability, and trauma. She has a Bachelor's in Psychology and attended graduate school for Mental Health Counseling. She is also a proud Air Force Veteran, that worked on C-130's in Special Operations Squadron. To recharge, relax and self-care, she enjoys reading, being outside in the garden, out on the Florida waters or traveling and visiting museums.

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Increasing the accessability of your podcast and other content

How accessible is your content? – Strategies to start implementing to increase accessibility in your content, podcast, or, live streams. This workshop will provide 5 strategies to ensure your digital content (podcast, live stream, video) and promotions are more accessible to everyone.

1pm EST, Wednesday November 16th.

“Accessibility isĀ  important for podcasters because that's one form of a medium and accessibility really is about everyone. If everyone is able to to your podcast, it increases the value and reach so much. And there's so many benefits to your business and your company. Accessibility really is the responsibility of the creators, the businesses, and the companies. And it shouldn't always fall on the consumer.” -DeeJae DuRante