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Cristina Marcello

Audio Engineer, Executive Producer


Cristina has over 10 years experience in broadcast and audio production. Currently, they are the Connect Manager at Podchaser where they provide coaching on guest booking, podcast marketing and client relations.

They are also the Executive Producer for Robert Manni Radio on KCAA radio and the Associate Producer for Inside the Vault with Ash Cash. Cristina became a certified audio engineer at The Institute of Audio Research and began their career working in recording studios across NYC. From there, they transitioned into working in terrestrial radio as the Executive Producer of an AM/FM news radio station and Host of a public affairs program.

Attend live:

Making Your Podcast Recordings Sound Good from Anywhere

We don't always get to record from the most ideal location, or with the idea equipment, but as podcasters, we are still responsible for making our content sound good for our guests and audiences. Cristina will be taking us through strategies for optimizing your recording quality using any equipment in any environment. 

3:00PM Eastern, Thursday November 17th.

“When you start a podcast, you're going see these downloads come in. You might see one or two start trickling in, and people measure their podcast success so frequently by the number of downloads. That is a false positive.

I don't want you to come into podcasting believing that downloads is the number one measure for success. I've seen people with 50 downloads and businesses with 50 downloads generate income far beyond what you would imagine 50 listeners could generate.”  -Cristina Marcello