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Alastair McDermott

Author, Consultant, Business Coach. Host of The Recognized Authority Podcast


Alastair McDermott helps invisible experts to remove their Cloak of Invisibility and become The Recognized Authority in their field, so they can have more impact and command higher fees.

Alastair is an author, consultant & business coach who hosts The Recognized Authority Podcast and The Specialization Podcast.

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The Recognized Authority


Attend live:

3 Completely Different (And Highly Valuable) Strategies to Leverage a Company Podcast for New Business.

When you start a podcast for your business, it's usually with the intent of growing that business. Alastair McDermott is going to be talking about 3 completely different (and highly effective!) strategies you can use to do exactly that.

10:30AM Eastern, Wednesday November 16th.

“There are a lot of ways to approach podcasting, and depending on exactly what you want to do: building authority, building your network, the choice of people you have on your podcast is one of the strategic decisions you have to make.”
-Alastair McDermott